The Dubliner Rosewood Chess Men 4.7 inches


  • Expertly crafted from Rosewood.
  • Beautifully ornate.
  • Imperious 4.7 inch King.
  • Two additional Queens.
  • Bases covered with billiard cloth.
  • Ideally suited for a 23 inch board.

With a king that stands at 4.7 inches (121mm) these chessmen are some of the largest we sell. They have been expertly crafted from rosewood and boxwood. The rosewood used is dark and close grained and extremely attractive. These pieces follow the classic Staunton design to a point, but feature some extremely ornate lines  The knights feature extensive hand carving with flowing hair and a level of facial detail usually found on much more expensive sets.

Also available in Ebony and Budrosewood

  • vriksh certified wood used with legal certificate