Leatherette Chess Storage Box


Leatherette Storage Box with Double Tray

Leatherette storage box for chess pieces with double tray and fixed slots for putting each piece separately. In addition to it's elegant look and feel, this storage box offers more durability and prestige beyond the storage boxes, crafted in common leatherette matte finish. Unlike standard chess boxes, where the chess pieces are stacked on top of each other while not in use, this storage box with double tray provides each of the chess pieces their own individual storage compartment. This box is best suited for pieces with height 4" - 4.25". Comes with suit case style handle to carry and is also fitted with a lock for safe upkeep. The box has been lined with beige velvet to protect the pieces from scratching. The outer dimensions of the box are 11.8" (30 cm) x 13" (33 cm) x 4.5" (11.5 cm). The outer leatherette of the box features a hi-gloss crocodile pattern natural finish. The sale is for an empty storage box only and the chess pieces are NOT INCLUDED in the sale. The upper tray can be pulled out as it comes with little glossy leatherette handles on either side. The lower tray is fixed inside the box. There is provision to put 17 pieces in either tray as most of high end sets come with extra queens. Weight of the storage box is 2650 grams (93.47 oz).