1950 Reproduced Dubrovnik Fisher Chessmen in Boxwood/Ebonised 3.7" with 19" Ebony wood Chess Board

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1950 Reproduced Dubrovnik Fisher Chessmen in Boxwood/Ebonised 3.7"Chess Pieces Details Height BaseKing 3.70" (94 mm) 1.53" (39mm)Queen 3.11" (79 mm) 1.45" (37 mm)Bishop 2.87" (73 mm) 1.37" (35 mm)Knight 2.51" (64 mm) 1.37" (35 mm)Rook 2.04" (52 mm) 1.37" (35 mm)Pawn 1.85" (47 mm) 1.25" (32 mm)Total Weight Of Chess Set 1210 grams (42.68 oz) Dark Pieces Ebonized boxwood   ..


1950 Reproduced Dubrovnik Fisher Chessmen in Boxwood/Ebonised 3.7"

Chess Pieces Details Height Base

King 3.70" (94 mm) 1.53" (39mm)

Queen 3.11" (79 mm) 1.45" (37 mm)

Bishop 2.87" (73 mm) 1.37" (35 mm)

Knight 2.51" (64 mm) 1.37" (35 mm)

Rook 2.04" (52 mm) 1.37" (35 mm)

Pawn 1.85" (47 mm) 1.25" (32 mm)

Total Weight Of Chess Set 1210 grams (42.68 oz) 

Dark Pieces Ebonized boxwood   (Gardenia latifolia)

Light Pieces Antiqued boxwood (Gardenia latifolia)

Recommended Board Size (1.9"-2.3")/(50mm - 60 mm) square size

New 1950 Dubrovnik Bobby Fischer Reproduced Chess Set Chessbyindia proudly presents you an improved f Dubrovnik chess set in Ebonized boxwood 

The Dubrovnik chess set celebrates a love story of aesthetics. Some customer’s felt that the knight in our previous repro was not an accurate reproduction, The Dubrovnik chess set is simply gorgeous and exquisitely striking, therefore each piece is carved with meticulous care. Our most magnificent chess set yet takes nearly a week to create. It’s a chess set that is truly like no other. 

Features: Reproduced Dubrovnik weighted chess pieces with a 3.7" King and base diameter of 1.5". This set is Double Weighted and the chess pieces have thick green felt on their bases. The dark chess pieces are made in Ebonized boxwood and the lighter chess pieces are made in  boxwood

 and the pieces required a chess board with minimum 55 mm squares. They were green felted but were non weighted. 

This beautiful Board is made of Ebony Wood on darker side and box wood on the lighter side.This Price is for the chess board only .The underside of the board is felted with green velvet.

Weight: 3000gram (105.82 oz). Please note that this is a handmade item so the final weight of the board can vary Little bit.

The size of the Board is 19" x 19" (48 cm x 48 cm) with square size of 2.0" x 2.0"  (50 mm x 50 mm). The Board is 22 mm thick.

Material: Ebony Wood  / Boxwood 

Dimensions:   Board - 19" x 19" (48 cm x 48 cm)

                        Square - 2" x 2" (50 mm x 50 mm)

                        Board Thickness - 22 mm (0.9")

Board is also include

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